Abe de Graaf & Marc Tybout

After collaborating successfully for two years, Abe de Graaf, director of VANL (Vervoerapplicaties Nederland BV), now also takes a 50% share in the tech start-up eXtractorONE. Additionally, there were television recordings for one of eXtractorONE’s clients, EW Facility Services, in the same week as signing the act.


The television recordings show the added value that eXtractorONE has at the service company, as collecting and translating data is essential to them. They use sensors to map out occupation dynamics of their locations, measure guest and employee needs through customer satisfaction windows and use an app for quality checks. eXtractorONE subsequently makes sure that this data is collected fast and accurate, so that it can be connected and provide valuable insights.

De Graaf explains: “We were looking for a tool for VANL, that allowed us to scrape web-based data efficiently and reliably into our database. If it snows tomorrow, you want to be able to predict the effects on public transport. That way, the central traffic control can take measurements proactively. We believe in the potential of eXtractorONE and want to help it grow through our investment.

Marc Tybout, founder and co-owner of eXtractorONE, is very enthusiastic about the cooperation with De Graaf. ” VANL became a client of ours two years ago and there was an instant click. Both personally and professionally; they understand exactly why this tool is so valuable. They now add context data to their driving times and travel movements in an instant. They use data sources that I have never heard of yet. I expect many synergy benefits through the knowledge and passion of Abe.

Both of them see the rising need for context data. Tybout: “Data is not yet the new gold, it is more like rock tar that still needs to be processed. Or look at it as Lego building blocks; the building still needs to be built. Additionally, data still needs to be interpreted; depending on which light you shine on it, it becomes different information. You need additional data to interpret.”